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What Amalfy is all about:

Supporting European craftsmanship

Supporting European craftsmanship

Amalfy’s mission is to promote and preserve the techniques, traditions and designs of local European artisans and to make their products more accessible to people around the world. We want to create support and appreciation for local crafts and empower local masters to ensure that their unique creations are never lost to the world.

One-of-a-kind products made with love

One-of-a-kind products made with love

All of our products are sustainably produced, uniquely sourced, authentic and of the highest quality. They are always handmade by local masters, using skills and traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Cultural journey through the European continent

Cultural journey through the European continent

Amalfy takes you on a journey and introduces you to the most unique treasures the European continent has to offer, some of which have seemingly been forgotten by the fast-paced, modern world.

Meet the artisans

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Each product on Amalfy is handcrafted with love by talented artists with strong connections to the region. Don't miss their unique stories.

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